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Make a Splash in LiliKai Boardshorts

Faith wearing Pacific Island Coral boardshorts in XXS. she’s paddling out on a custom SLICK surfboard on a beautiful day in Dana Point. She’s a pre-teen that loves the water and going to the beach with her mom and friends.

In The Begining..My first SUP,a Blue Bamboo by Rivera

The Blue Bamboo, by Riviera. My first SUP and WOW I was so excited and yet didn’t really know the adventure that was still to come!

Begining to get the “hang of it”. Paddling in King Harbor.

Cruising King Harbor Redondo Beach

Notice the boardshorts.. Plain black!

This is why I started  LiliKai – comfort, color, design & made for women

A Day At The Beach

Mothers and Daughters at “Mother’s Beach” Dana Point, CA

Perfect for “hangin out”, beach walking and for a paddle out into the surf. It was a beautiful day to play in the water.

LiliKai boardshorts fit the young ladies as well as the moms in sizes XXS – L. The shorts worn are in 5″ and 10″ inseam and patterns and colors:Pacific Island Blue and Coral, Waterlites Black/Grey, and Teal/Green, Tahiti Purple/Aqua, Purple/Orange.

Getting racier….My 2nd SUP

My Raven by Boardworks. Shown with my husbands surf boards and “surf mobile”.

Just back from “fishing” in King Harbor Redondo Beach. This is fishing line I found and when I pulled about 10′ out of the water I found the lure. The sad thing about the fishing line is it wraps around the necks of the birds and seals and sea lions.


Floating Flotsum

This and more picked up in King Harbor! Rather a challenge getting these items out of the water and onto a SUP. An endless array of plastic bags, toys,buckets, buoys, fishline and more found floating in King Harbor. It blows off the boats and docks and from streets and businesses and residences.

Spread the word: Everyone pick up at least 1 piece of plastic a day!

Welcome to My World of Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP is my new passion! I started about a year and half ago and am on the water most days. This is my 3rd board and favorite – a BARK custom high performance board that I had “repainted” in bright tropical colors..

I learned to paddle in King Harbor, Redondo Beach CA. It is beautiful, ever changing, and has lots of sea life. MAGIC everywhere with pelicans, egrets and herons flying overhead and floating in the water. And under the water many different types of starfish, bat rays, the bright orange Garibaldi(California state fish) sea bass, octopus and the comical sea lions and seals. And just out of the harbor – dolphins and WHALES!

Leaving the safety of the harbor was/is a Big Deal for me! Boats zipping around and throwing a big wake is still a big hurdle for me. BUT I know if I want to have dolphin swimming with me and wanted to experience whales up close it ‘s time to be brave! Falling in isn’t so bad if it means experiencing the majesty of the ocean and it’s creatures.

Proudly designed and made in Southern California, USA. Dismiss